Home Staging

Euphoria Home Staging & ReDesign offers the best Home Staging services in Toronto to get your Property perfectly organized and ready for sale. We provide outstanding services to home owners, renovators, investors and builders who wish to sell their property as well as to Real Estate Agents who wish to sell their client’s home at the best prices. Being Toronto’s top-notch staging agency, we follow a detailed step by step approach that includes in-depth analysis of your house to create a blueprint of staging design, which we ultimately turn into a beautiful reality. We believe that staging is all about engaging the audience, creating an emotional connect & compelling the buyer to seal the deal.

Staging Consultation

Home Staging Consultation begins with a quick tour of the place to assess and evaluate the property. Over the years, we have framed the perfect strategies to make homes look eye-catching for faster sale. Our home staging experts are experienced in strategic placement of furniture and accessories to highlight the selling features of your home. Being Toronto’s leading Home staging company, we understand if you wish to sell your home then you must be expecting a fair amount of price for it and we make sure your place looks worth it.

Our Home Staging Consultation Services

  • Detailed assessment of your property to outline the scope of work required in order to get it market ready.
  • Thorough evaluation of all the existing elements of your home like the architectural details, furniture, accessories, color, lighting, navigation, etc.
  • Creating an action plan
  • Provision of a detailed written report with room-by-room recommendations

Occupied Home Staging

Occupied Home Staging is for Home Owners wishing to sell the property they are living in. Staging is performed using their existing furniture and accessories. Additional, furniture and accessories can be brought in if needed. Our home staging experts provide our clients with exemplary home staging services that ensure the best use of their furniture & artwork to design the perfect dream home.

Our Occupied Home Staging Services:

  • Reorganization of your furniture and accessories in a strategic way to highlight the selling features of the home
  • Define and enhance the focal points in each room and ensure proper flow
  • Suggesting & arranging the best service providers of services like painting, flooring, lighting, movers, etc.

Vacant Home Staging

Being one of the best staging company of Toronto, we provide affordable & remarkable Vacant Home Staging services to meet all your budget requirements. Our goal is to showcase your property to its full potential and attract the widest range of buyers in the market so that it sells quickly and for the best value.

Our Vacant Home Staging Services:

  • Assess the property and provide a quote for your approval
  • Planning and designing of the Staging of the home
  • Select and source the appropriate furniture and accessories to suit the architecture and target audience.

Our DIY Staging Package Services

  • Assess the property
  • Outline tasks & Create an Action plan for clients to follow
  • We revisit to review clients staged home and provide further support if needed